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    All of websites users want to got a free domain with a paid activation.
Now you can got a free domain .ml for a year and the thing i like is that website give you the possibility to activat your domain quickly after a register , you dont need a back card .
All you need to do is doing this tips

1 - Go to this website point.ml
2 - Choose a domain name
3 - Now you will need to write your informations
4 - USE YOUR OWN DOMAIN , here you select forward ths domain to 
5 - Choose 12 monthes
6 - Type the characters 
7 - Go down and select register your name a free domain 
8 - Type your email adress ( you will got a message on it after )
9 - Finally type your name and choose a password 
10 - go to the email you enter and activate your domain
11 - ENJOY.


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