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Internet positives and Negatives

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The internet became one of the most used media in our generation we all know that it have a lot of positives but we don't know also the negatives .

if we talk about the positives we wont forget that the internet its an easy and effective way of communication , you can meet people around the world and learn more about them . you can also get lot of enjoyment from playing video games in addition to that it"s simple and great tool for researching information or learning about anything in general .

now we finish the great side so lets talk about the bad one . There is too many negatives but the first one as everybody know is pornography websites that can be shared in form of ads . or given by people that we don't know in real life also there's the strange ideas contrary to our great religion and our concepts . And finally we need to talk about the body exhaustion caused by internet addiction and If over used it can limit real life interaction with other people . so we must use it carefully to avoid damage


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