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Know your Search Engine Optimization Level

All of use want to know the level of his website capabilities , to know the error that he should fix and more information .

So on this article i will show you a good website that i personally like , this website will give you the score and the grade of your Search engine optimization ,  and the errors that you should fix  .

Lets explain the website :

When you enter SEOSITEBACKUP you just need to write your website or blog link on Input Website URL and click on Check Up and wait few moments . Then you will see the results.

 The red square represents : The important errors .
The yellow : Semi-important errors .
and the green : the passed Checks .

you just need to scroll down to get more informations about your results …

My opinion :

I think its really a good website , and its necessary to know you faults .

My Last Words :

I hope that you like this post , have a nice day . Don’t forget to share with others .


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