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Have a Good Rank in Alexa


 what is this service ?
It’s a ranking system that gives you updates about the number of visitors who visited your website .

1. The most important thing is having a fresh content , you need to post at least one article on one day , but avoid copying from other websites and try to be original .

2. Add Alexa Widget to your Blog

3. Write posts about getting a high traffic and having a good rank in Alexa , cause this type of articles bring a lot of visitors . Take it easy   content > visitors = good Alexa ranking .

4. Make Backlinks , this is a popular and useful way to get more visitors without accidents .

5. If you want to have a Global Rank then share with the whole world not with your friends only ,

6. Optimize your template .

My Opinion : having a good rank is something important to get many visitors .

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