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How to Add Alexa Widget to Blogger

How to Add Alexa Widget to Blogger

Lot of people want to know how to add this widget , so just read the tutorial completely to learn .

Why you need it ?
Adding an Alexa widget toolbar is an important thing that every Alexa user should have on his blog . To know the rank and more ...

Lets Start

How to add Alexa widget ?

Go to alexa website , on the left there’s Products tab click on it and scroll down then click on See Other Tools for Site Owners . After that choose Alexa Site Widgets .

Alexa Site Widgets
Alexa Site Widgets


Now you are free !
you can select Alexa Site Stats Button or Traffic Rank Button and there’s a graph too ..

When you select the widget that you want just put your blog full URL on the box and click build widget 
alewa widget

you will see the widget with different sizes . Copy the code of the size that you want then
Go to blogger >> Layout >>> Add Gadget >>>> HTML/javascript >>>>> Past the code and SAVE !

My Last Words :

I recommend to add your blog to alexa to be in touch with your global stats . I hope that you like the tutorial , please comment and share .


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