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How to submit your Website post to Google

How to submit your Website post to Google
Google Webmaster Tools

Losing a long time to show your posts on Google search engine its a big problem , maybe someone post a post after you and he got a lot of visitors . And every " problem has a solution " .
 there's no many Solutions , only one .

So lets start our tutorial .

The first thing that you need to do is accessing Google Webmaster Tools . After that you must click on the name of your blog , on the left search for Crawl tab >> Fetch as Google . You will see something similar to that .
Fetch as Google

So you see this blank post , you need to go to a post on your website the link and copy the link and past it on a Note Pad , normally it will look similar to that
Li nk

So you need the copy just a part from 2014 to the end , and past it the box . Then click on that red button " FETCH " .  then a message will appear .
Fetch as Google

Then scroll down and you will see the link that you submit , on the right of this link you can see Submit to index  Then choose URL or URL and all linked pages after this long story click on OK

NOTE : you can watch the whole tutorial on a video if you want to understand more  :

Last words :

 I do a hard work to make this tutorial and explain it , i hope that you understand all and if you don't you can simply comment below . Please share to let all understand . I hope that i can make more online tutorials .


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