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Get Winamp Interface On Vlc

Honestly every one of us miss Winamp after a long time of being existing on any desktop cause it got a classical and simple interface .

After that users search for an alternative program like : VLC MEDIA PLAYER this last one have a popularity and it's good at all .
So what if we integrate Winamp on Vlc ?

It's really good and useful and easy to do using an awesome Vlc option .

How to do that ?

1-) Download the interface folder .
2-) Go to VLC and click on CTRL+P to acces the options .
3-) Click on interface and select Use custom skin after .
4-) Finally click on save and restart the program .
5-) ENJOY ! and remember the wonderful past .

This is all i hope that you like this information and please share with the friends cause it's easy for you to share but i will be happy if you do that .


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