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3 Hidden Blogger Tricks

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Blogger.com is a popular blogging platform with many users , because it's simple and it's owned by Google,That's why people have a confidence in this service .


there's many hidden options , and those options may be essential and very helpful for blogger users to control the blog properly . And i am sharing with you today those tricks .

Hide Pages Widget from you blog :

Many templates have Pages Widget , Maybe you don't need this widget , so if you want to remove it follow my steps .

1. Go To Blogger >> Dashboard >> Pages
2. There's "Show Pages as" option on the top 
3. Click on it and select "Don't Show"

Change Mobile Device's Template:
If you receive many visitors using Mobiles , the look will be important to keep the visitors on your blog .
You can't setup a custom template for mobile , so you can only select one of the default templates .

Go To Blogger >> Dashboard >> Template
You will see two options :  Live on Blog And Mobile
in the Mobile option, click on Settings icon
Choose the Mobile template that you want
Save !

Hide Your Blog From Search Engines 
Maybe you want to make a blog that only friends can see it . In this moment you need to make the blog invisible for search engines .
To do that follow the tutorial below  .

Go To Blogger >> Dashboard >> Settings
Under Basic Title there will be Privacy option
Click on edit and choose what you want.

That 's all , i think that i will add another PART to complete this tutorial.

I hope that you Like this tutorial , Please share and comment .

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