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Best SEO practices

Top SEO practices :

The thing to remember is that SEO isn't a magic weapon . so all you can do is optimize the best you can.
There happens to be a few things that you should just always do whenever you make a new website. this should just become kind of automatic for you.

Make sure you’re using your meta tags : Choose a great description, title and the best keywords for your content and include keyword in the title .
NOTE : be careful and think about a good description and the right words

Create good content : Make sure you have some proper content.
Content is what the internet was created for. If you have special content you’ll keep your visitors for a long time . Give them what they need and explain too much use the best page design and the best content possible Avoid copied content .
Remember, your content isn't just something to get google to like your site, it is the heart of your site. a website without content is nothing.

Include your keywords : Build your content correctly, use header tags (h1, h2..) try to use keywords in your article.

Make a robots.txt file : configure your robots.txt correctly. Make a custom 404 page. also create a sitemap and submit it to search engines.

Create relevant articles : try to always add backlinks and submit your content to articles directories your article becomes a backlink to your site.

And always work hard to get more popularity . That’s all i hope that i help you and Thanks for reading.


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