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How to Find any Old Publication you Share on Facebook Quickly

Every day we share many publications on our Facebook account , and that make finding an old post too difficult so we wast along time on searching or we don't complete the search at all . This is the reason why i am showing you a little service named Archivedbook this last one show you all your Facebook publication from the start to the last minute .

How to use it ?

All you need is accessing Archivedbook website ( the link at the ad of this post ) and click on read your profile history now and give it the access , then you will see something like the photo below .

Archivedbook to see all your Facebook activities
So just wait and you will see a list of all you activities , from the old ones to the new ones on your account,
all that on a one page , quickly without waiting and wasting your time like we did on the past .

Website : archivedbook.com


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