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4 Quick tips to charge your phone faster

Maybe your Smartphone take a long time to charge , to get rid of this problem follow some quick tips that I already did :

4 Quick tips to charge your phone faster

1 - Turn off  the phone :
If you don’t need to use your phone it’s better to turn it off, that will help you to charge faster.
2 – don’t use the phone :
Don’t use your phone when you are charging it cause that can kill the battery .
3 – Use airplane mode :
Using this mode you will disconnect your phone from any connection like WI-FI or 3G an GPS .
4 – Don’t charge using PC with USB cable :
Charging using PC will let you lose the PC battery if it not connected to electricity .

My Final Words :

I hope that you save a time while charging after reading this Quick Tips . Don’t forget to share this post with your friends .


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