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WhatsApp Free 5 Alternatives

WhatsApp Messenger is a free messaging service for smartphones. In addition to text messaging users can share images,video,and audio messages as well as their location using integrated mapping features .

After buying WhatsApp from Facebook for 16 billions The application stops for hours Before returning to work Which causes the resentment of many users. and that make the users search for a alternative application . So now i will suggest a list of some good alternatives .

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Viber had recently bought for 900 millions dollar , that can be a good app because it offers the same features of WhatsApp , is available for IOS,Android,Windows Phone and computer .

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It's look like Facebook messenger but the difference is that you phone number will be safe , after making an account you can start chatting with friends and groups and you can send photo etc
kik is an perfect app for people who like to chat anonymously , can be used on Windows phone,IOS,Android .

This app is popular because it offers a good service . Like sending voice media messages and videos ...
And the new this is you can find close friends and talk with them .
always : IOS,Android,Windows phone .

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 Many younger people use this app , tango similar to a social network , you can edit your profile, photos and talking to friends or groups ( max : 50 members ) and making a video calls .
you can run it on windows phone , android , IOS and on desktop too.

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 We can say that its and WhatsApp competitor , it got many new users after the selling of WhatsApp , Telegram Got all the features of WhatsApp , and there's encrypted message option Able to self-destruct . To feel safe and take your time to talk freely .

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