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How to Clean your Computer Ram with Memory Cleaner

Memory Cleaner it's really different cause it use a safe ways to clean and speed up the Windows , Reverse other programs that can harm your system .

How to Clean your Computer Ram with Memory Cleaner

How it work ?
Memory Cleaner delete the ram cache and the old data so you will run the programs on your machine smoothly , in addition to that Memory Cleaner do the work automatically so you don't need an intervention .

Advice :
To run the program on the best way after installing click on options and put the mark on Trim processes working set when usage exceeds 80 percent and on Trim processes working set every 5 minutes to give the program the possibility to clean your Ram every 5 minutes , finally select start memory Cleaner with windows if you want Memory Cleaner to run when u turn on the computer .

Download : Memory Cleaner .

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