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Speed up internet surfing in you're computer

I was searching on the internet and i found a website called yandex.com that last give you the possibility of speed the internet using a DNS " you can ban the adult website from you're network too and save yourself from virus "

on the website you can choose Basic option to speed the internet only and you can choose safe to save yourself from attacks and virus
And you can choose family to save the kids from the adult websites

Basic :     l Safe : l Family :
         l    l       

after selecting the option that you like you need to change you're dns by the manual way by going to network options : Controle Panel - Network and sharing center -Change adapter settings. And select the network card that you use and select proprities then choose tcp/ipv4 internet protocol version 4 after that in dns place write the plan that you choose in the first ( Basic , Safe , Family )
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